Upcoming premiere of the poetic collection "With breath of a sea".

The premiere of the poetic collection "With breath of a sea", composed by seven poets from Varna with visual disabilities,dedicated to the sea and love, will be held on 13 August 2015 at 18:00 in Arthall of Radio Varna.

Free Entrance!
See you there!

Project SEE/D/0223/1.2/X “Establishementand promotion of new approaches and tools for the strengthening of primary sector'scompetitiveness and innovation in the South East Europe” with an acronym APP4INNO has started on 1st of October, 2012 with thefinancial support of the South EastTransnational Cooperation Program. The Action is under the program’s priority axis “Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship”,area of intervention “Develop the enabling environment for innovativeentrepreneurship”.

The project lead partner is Veneto Agricoltura – Regional Agency forAgriculture, Forestry and Agri-food sectors from Italy. There are altogether 15 partners from Italy, Hungary,Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, and Ukraine.

APP4 INNO project sets as starting point the need of creating transnationalnetworks among small and microenterprises capable to establish permanent innovationprocesses and to mobilise critical mass. To this purpose, it intends to set upa transnational competitiveness support system for exploiting the innovationpotentials of the agricultural SMEs across the SEE regions, allowing to create theframework conditions for SMEs to access to innovation, technology transfer andcooperation as major keys for their competitiveness in the international markets. It will actby “transfering” and the spreading approaches, services and toolsto improve the competitiveness of the agricultural SMEs, not only in terms of improvementof productive processes at the level of the single SME but also, and above all,in terms of clustering enterprises in order to increase the efficiency of the applied production means.

At its first move, the project will define the approaches and methodologiesfor strengthening the competitiveness of agricultural SMEs as well as thespecific sectors (fields of action) and the types of SMEs where the defined approaches canhave the most effective results (WP3). This is necessary in order to make available the operative support tools for competitivenesstailored to each involved territory. The defined approaches and related tools will then beset in place by equipping (in terms of human resources and IT instruments) apermanent transnational SMEs support system , hosted by the partners and able to activate synergies,at national level, with institutions as well as other technology and innovationactors. The transnational service platform will represent a transnational “meta-cluster” of SMEs that, in the identified fields of action,will able to cooperate, create synergies and aggregate critical mass.

The project launching seminar will held on 24-25 October, 2012 in Pécs, Hungary. The event is open tointerested stakeholders. More info forthe conference agenda and logistics are available at our partner VEDA web-site www.veda-bg.eu , sections “News” and “APP4INNO”.
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