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Empathy Foundation from Varna carries out rehabilitation and integration of children and adults with functional disabilities into the community .

Empathy Foundation was established on April 25, 2000. The team Foundation consists mainly of people with disabilities and strives to bean initiator to solve specific problems of this community. Chairman of the Foundation is Mr. Slavcho Avramov.

Empathy Foundation is registered by the Varna District Court under company case 1776 on June 13, 2000. It is registered in the CentralRegister of NGOs for carrying out community service at the Ministry of Justice with Certificate № 027 of 2003.

Since May, 2003 Empathy Foundation is registered as a provider of social services to the Agency for Social Assistance and since 2007 it is a licensed provider of social services for children from the State Agency for Child Protection.


1. Study of the needs of rehabilitation and social integration of children and adults with functional disabilities and their social status.

2. Material and moral support to their families through counseling, resocialization and creation of a favorable social environment.

3. Development and implementation of social and integration programs in the area of education, culture, rehabilitation, health and social activities, employment and information services for people with impaired health.

4. Promoting the professional and creative capabilities and achievements of people with various disabilities, through all awareness tools.

5. Creating an atmosphere for solving effectively the problems of people with disabilities through appropriate national and regional social policy.

6. Adaptation and implementation in Bulgaria of best practices and global experience in the field of rehabilitation and social integration.

7. Providing information on technical aids that facilitate the life and work of persons with functional disabilities and ensure the production or import of these means.

8. Establishing contacts with similar organizations in the country and abroad and carrying out joint projects with them.

People with disabilities are not different from the others and have the same needs. In every day life they face additional difficulties - for their tackling they need public support.

We offer the following social services:

1. Social assistants for children with special educational needs.
2. Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of the visually impaired people.

Involvement of institutions and citizens is a major factor for the integration of disabled people in the society.
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